About us


Is the online shop from Tako Data Supervision cc and OR Bet and Win Entertainment cc.

The main focus of this companies lies the B2B sector. We are importing, selecting and manufacturing products and services especially for the betting industry and retail stores mostly but limited to:  .

  • Betting and gambling software.
  • Individual Software development
  • Computer Hardware 
  • Shop fitting and design
  • Cooling and Solar equipment
  • Security systems

Our team

International know how paired with local experience makes us to a lucrative partner for your 
businesses. Since over 20 years in the retail and betting market we are happy to have customer
which came with us for a long period.
The goal is to understand our customers needs to aim for a long for consistent and fruitful partnership.


While our main office is in Oshakati with a branch in Windhoek we are in steady movement thru whole Namibia. We are open for a personal meeting to understand and expedite your business ideas.